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Welcome to Melissa Jan's bird friendly little world.

Full of colourful, cute and funny birds (with the special appearance of other animals), brought to life through print, pins, stickers and more!

Greyhound pocket mirror by Melissa Jan


You asked for it!

The start of my very own dog range with more coming very soon...


Ask and you will receive.

Brand new products!

magnet gull 1_edited.jpg
Puffin Keyring by Melissa Jan Art

Puffin Keyring - £8


Senor Pigeon postcard by Melissa Jan

Señor Pigeon Postcard- £2

Rat with Wings wooden pin badge by Melissa Jan

Rat With Wings Pin Badge - £7

pin pigeon dino copy_edited.jpg

Dino Pigeon Pin Badge - £7

Pigeon in bread wooden fridge magnet by Melissa Jan

Pigeon Bread Magnet- £6

Robin Hood mouse postcard by Melissa Jan Art

Robin Hood Postcard - £2

Red squirrel wooden pin badge by Melissa Jan_edited.jpg
Yo Bro Pigeon Birthday Card by Melissa Jan_edited.jpg


Frenchie Dog Keyring by Melissa Jan_edited_edited.jpg
Birds in bread fridge magnets by Melissa Jan_edited.jpg
Mountain Hare Postcard_edited.jpg
Toucan Art Print_edited.jpg
Dachshund Pocket Mirror by Melissa Jan art_edited.jpg
adelayde painting 1.png


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By doing so you will be helping us to continue doing what we love. Thank you.

tiger cub vinyl sticker by melissa jan art
Duck umbrella hat tshirt melissa jan art
mansfied four seasons pop up shop melissa jan art


derby craft and flea melissa jan art

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