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I'm Melissa, an illustrator based in Nottinghamshire, UK (the home of Robin Hood). I have always loved drawing and I am now  pursuing my dream of running my own illustration business.

I graduated from the University of Derby with a fashion design degree, but realised that my passion was drawing, so my post graduate Masters degree is in illustration. 

My art journey began back in 2014, where I started selling zodiac themed greeting cards on Etsy and eventually selling prints at comic conventions. I now work from my home studio where I get to draw (mostly birds) every day. I run my own online store (through Etsy) where I design and make and sell a range of homeware, stationery and gifts. 

My illustrations are mostly created digitally using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq, although I do love experimenting with traditional media, especially Copic markers, gouache paints and coloured pencils.


My biggest inspirations come from nature, when I’m not drawing you can find me walking through the woods or around a lake. I also love a good pun and bad joke! 

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